Cava Brut Rose Family Tradition Guarda


BRUT ROSÉ  Cava aging in rhyme 24 months.

Girovi Gold Medal 2024
Young mono varietal cava 100% trepat.


Traditional method: “MÉTHODE CHAMPENOISE”, fermentation in bottle.
The base wine is made in lightly macerated drilled must at a temperature of 13 to 14ºC together with the pods to extract the color and aromas characteristic of the variety. Once about 8 hours have passed, the flower must goes into the fermentation tank which is carried out at a temperature of 14-15ºC for three weeks. After the finishing, stabilization and filtration treatments, we move on to bottling or circulation, causing the second natural fermentation with the addition of selected yeasts, sugar and natural soils. The fermentation lasts about three months at a temperature of 10-12ºC and then continues in rhyme for a year and a half.

Alcohol content: 11.5%, PH: 3.36
Total acidity (sulfuric): 3.95 g / l.
Residual sugars: 8-10 g / l.

Appearance: cherry color, very clean, persistent bubbles.
Nose: aromas of strawberry, grapefruit, pink flower, floral notes.
Palate: good acidity, fresh and refreshing, and with persistent rosaries of very small bubbles.

Consumption temperature of 6-8ºC.
It is suitable for snacks, rice, smoked salmon, grilled prawns, with desserts such as nougat and polvorones.