Cava Brut Reserva Premium Organic


BRUT RESERVA PREMIUM Cava aging in rhyme 24 months.
Grape varieties: Macabeo 20%, Xarel·lo 60%, Parellada 20%.


Traditional method: “MÉTHODE CHAMPENOISE”, fermentation in bottle.
The varieties are collected separately. The process of the winery begins with the destemming of the grape seeds and then it is cooled to 8 minimC to minimize oxidation. The berries are then passed to the presses where the flower must is bled by natural draining, which is 55-60%. It is decanted into tanks and cooled to 6ºC, leaving it to rest for 24 hours. The clean must passes into the fermentation tanks which is kept at a temperature of 14-15ºC for three weeks. After the
finishing, stabilization and filtration treatments, the blend is made with the different percentages, usually looking for a balance of degree and acidity. We then move on to bottling, causing the second natural fermentation with the addition of selected yeast, sugar and natural earths. Fermentation lasts about three months at a temperature of 10-12ºC and then continues in rhyme for two years.

Alcohol content: 11.5%, PH: 3.04
Total acidity (sulfuric): 4.2 g/l.
Residual sugars: 8-10 g / l

Appearance: pale yellow, detachment of small bubbles.
Nose: fresh aroma with notes of apple fruit, citrus.
Mouth: the mouthfeel is slightly sweet and creamy, perfect foam without excess carbon and
balanced acidity.

Consumption temperature of 6-8ºC.
It is advisable for any aperitif, meal from start to finish, grill, stews, with desserts not excessively
sweets, fruit salad, cakes, Catalan cream.